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Coalesce gives your team a shared database to track all your stuff.

One step up from a spreadsheet for managing structured data.

It's easy to get started

Create a board and invite your team.
It doesn't have to be original, maybe "Recruiting Team Board".
Create a collection and define the properties of what you need to track.
If your recruiting team is losing track of candidates, make a Candidates collection where each candidate has a name, email, phone number, desired salary, # years experience, interview process status, etc.
Add things and share the link with your team.
Start adding candidates to your collection as you interview and the whole team will be on the same page!

Before Coalesce

  • Out-of-date inventory spreadsheets
  • Emails flying about each contract
  • "I think Jill has the pen on that report"

"Where the heck is everything?"

After Coalesce

  • Inventory accounted for
  • Contract details in one place
  • Report status: Complete

"Just check Coalesce."


Sort and Filter Your Things

Organize any collection however you need.

Collaborate in Real Time

It's 2020. Don't settle for clicking "refresh".


Because you deserve a second chance.

Work Offline

No internet? No problem.