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Picture of Grant

This is me^^

My name is Grant. I'm the (only) person behind Coalesce. I'm a solo founder doing my best to create a solid product that helps people.

I built Coalesce because of an issue I've faced in every workplace I've ever participated in.

Everywhere, there are things that people need to track, but everywhere, the things are different. The things might be computers, issues, or who has which version of what word document.

Every team has these things, but not every team has a good system for tracking them. Sometimes there's a spreadsheet. Sometimes there's a specialized app. Sometimes there's just Jerry's good memory.

Coalesce solves this problem. It's one step up from a spreadsheet for keeping track of things, and you can keep track of anything. It provides automatic enforcement of column types and a sleek interface for browsing. It adds real time collaboration and a mobile friendly app.

In the future, I hope to add more features that make peoples' lives even better and further remove the pain of just keeping track of all that stuff you need to keep track of.

If you like where I'm going with this, want to help shape the future of Coalesce, or just want to support me on this journey, please create an account and let me know what you think!


Is it really just you?

Yes and no (but mostly yes). I built the app and all the business logic, and I'm the only person responsible for this product, so in that sense it really is just me.

But I'm standing on the shoulders of giants. The backend is entirely serverless on AWS, so in a sense I have the Amazon Ops team with me. Also, Coalesce is built using battle tested open source software like Vue and Typescript that have hundreds of contributors and solid funding. So, in a way, I'm not really all alone :).

That's a "yes". Since it's just you, should I be worried about _______?

I mean yeah probably a bit. I won't sugar coat it for you: I am the only one who can fix Coalesce if something goes wrong.

That means that if I get hit by a bus and Coalesce goes down, we're all SOL.

It also means that when you're talking to me about an issue, I'm the one who fixes it. In other words, you'll get a direct line to the person who can effect change.

It also means that you're supporting a small tiny business when you support Coalesce. Unlike some faceless VC backed tech company that only cares about a potential "exit", I genuinely care about helping you.

I've also done a lot of work up front and made architectural decisions to make sure Coalesce won't go down. I've written about it here. If you want to talk about what I've done to mitigate the risks of me being a single point of failure, definitely reach out and I'll be happy to chat :).

Okay you haven't scared me away (yet). When can I try it out?

Right now! I recently opened up registration to the public and would love to get your feedback.

I have feedback/want to tell you something!

Please tweet at @orndorffgrant or email me at

I'd seriously love to hear your thoughts.